Your Questions Answered

How long till I'm better? 

Healing Times vary for each individual. 

  • Bones: 5-6weeks

  • Ligaments & tendons:  6-8wks

  • Discs and Cartlidge.; 3 mths or more 


When it comes to chiropractic treatment with the Cox Technic, clinical findings reveal patients reported improvement at 12 visits on average. 91 % of patients reported maximum improvement in 90 days. Depending on your specific condition and lifestyle factors healing can take longer or you may experience relief quicker than you imagined.


Dr. Beissel will determine your treatment plan based on clinical outcomes for your specific condition, as well as your progress and health goals. 

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What is your new patient procedure?

Your first visit will involve intake paperwork. Followed by a consultation with the doctor where you may discuss your concerns and complaints. You may bring copies of any x-rays you would like evaluated. Dr. Beissel will then go through a thorough examination to identify the root cause of your pain and diagnose your condition. This first visit will take about an hour. At your next appointment you will receive the review of findings, your diagnosis, treatment plan and rehabilitative exercise program.