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Automobile Accident 


When you have been involved in an accident in Florida, you must seek medical treatment under your own PIP coverage within 14 days of the accident.


Auto accidents, can cause the vertebrae of the spine to become misaligned, resulting in whiplash, disc injury and subluxations.

After a auto accident, victims may experience the following symptoms or conditiom

    • Neck and shoulder pain
    •  Stiffness in the neck shoulder and back 
    • Blurry vision

    • Numbness and tingling in the extremities 

    • Headaches

    • Memory trouble

    • Whiplash

    • Neck Injuries

    • Low Back Injuries

    • Dizziness

    • Soft Muscle Tissue Injuries

    • Herniated Disc

It is important to be evaluated even after a low impact accident. These symptoms may not be noticeable right away but start to develop days later and can lead to life long damage and degeneration without intervention


Injury treatment at Rescue Care Spine Clinic is safe, gentile and effective. 

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